Swimming Pool and Garden

Few spots in Natchez can match the relaxing feel of our swimming pool . Surrounded by poolside brick, the pool is perfect for an early morning dip or an afternoon sip. And when you feel like wandering, stroll through our three-acre estate garden, featuring over 100 camellias.

So why not relive history in a piece of history? Browse through our website to pick out the room at The Burn that’s right for you. Some of our repeat guest drive from three hours away, some fly from Europe. Come, stay and become a part of The Burn family.

In All of Our Rooms

Here at The Burn, we pride ourselves in faithfully recreating history and offering it with all the comforts of today. All of our rooms are meticulously designed to match the home in its entire historic splendor. From the flooring to the finest antiques to the period mantles, The Burn is living history.

Of course, comfort is the focus as well. On all of our beds you will find sheets and pillowcases of high thread count finest Egyptian cotton, as well as down pillows and comforter. The mattress is top quality and will have you dreaming the night away flanked by our silk damask curtains. And in each bathroom, you’ll find our hand-milled glycerin soap made exclusively for The Burn. A true luxury.

Pilgrimage: A Tale of Old Natchez

The Burn doesn’t just have a story. It has an entire novel. Louise Willbourn Collier’s Pilgrimage: A Tale of Old Natchez is set in the time between 1830 and 1930, following the brave journey of the Walworth family through prosperity, war, struggle and triumph. Copies are on sale at our home year round in each room. We know you’ll enjoy this trip trough the past of the very home you are staying in.